Some important articles by Professor Maruyama:

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Michael T. Caley

Mindscapes, Creativity and Ecosophy Referencing
Mindscapes: The Epistemologies of Magoroh Maruyama. and
Mindscapes and Science Theories.

Creating Ecosophical Change?

Dr. William Dockens III

The Asimov scenario: Predicting outcomes of the struggle for Cyberspace Paper for the International Society for the Systems Science (ISSS) Conference (2000) Referencing
Mindscapes and Science Theories
Epistemological and Cultural Barriers to Mutualistic Thinking.

Four Brand New Colors: Information Nullification in Psychology and the Humanities. ISSS 43rd Annual Conference of The InternationalSociety for the Systems Sciences. (1999) Allen, J.K., Hall, M.L.W, & Wilby. (Ed.) Referencing
Mindscapes and Science Theories

Professor John Gammack

Modelling ignorance levels in Knowledge-Based Decision support Referencing
Mindscapes and Science theories and
Mindscapes and Management

Mindscapes And Internet-mediated Communication Referencing
  • Mindscapes and science theories
  • Toward picture coded information system
  • Epistemological heterogeneity and subsedure: Individual and social processes.
  • Mindscapes in management: Use of individual differences in multicultural management.

Jerome Heath
Cultural Attitudes and Technology Referencing Mindscapes and Management

Antony Judge
Development through alternation (1983)

Review of Frameworks for the Representation of Alternative Conceptual Orderings as Determined by Cultural and Linguistic Contexts (1986) Referencing
  • Mindscapes, social patterns and future development of scientific theory types
  • Paradigmatology and its application to cross-disciplinary, cross- professional and cross-cultural communication
  • Heterogensitics; an epistemological restructuring of biological and social sciences
  • Epistemologies and esthetic principles

Professor Pierre Filion, Dr. Dan McCarthy
Complexity Theory and Planning Theory: Searching for common ground and new insights (Dec 2000) Referencing Maruyama's
Heterogenistics and Morphogenistic

Professor Rosalie Tung
Culture and international business (May 1999), Paper for the symposium 'The importance of Cultural Diversity in International Business and International Relations' Referencing Mindscapes. individuals and Cultures in Management.